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Tell Camellia

  • Tea-inspired
  • Asia’s 50 Best Bar
  • Hidden Paths




Tell Camellia is a Tea-Inspired Cocktail Bar that was recently crowned 23rd in Asia’s 50 Best Bar. Run and founded by Gagan, Gurung, our bar communicates the story of a road-less travel, embodies a passion to explore and experience the unknown, travels the hidden paths across the world that lead to the mountainous regions and hidden valleys in search of Camellia Sinensis, the bush plant of tea.

Tell Camellia has been designed to bring the intriguing story of the Camellia tea plant to life. Warm and inviting, Tell Camellia is tucked away in a secluded corner of Pottinger Street and imagined as a casual drinking spot that spills out into the laneway.

The bar easily converts from day to night with large retracting windows and soft lighting.

About GaGan

Born in Nepal, Gagan moved to Hong Kong in his younger age. His interest in flavours and ingredients led him to become a chef at first.

With experiences at contemporary Japanese lounge, Zuma, and Fang Fang, a contemporary Asian restaurant bar, Gagan was able to explore his passion and constantly develop unique techniques for an audience of cocktail lovers. Some of his recognitions include Asia’s 50 best Bars, Top 25 Bartenders in HK, Top 4 in Bacardi HK final, and Winner of Gin Mare Regional Final, as well as Top 3 in Gin Mare Global Final.